TWOTF About the Author


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Kay DiBianca holds an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked in the IT departments of several major corporations, including IBM, UNC Chapel Hill, International Paper, and FedEx. Her professional experience has spanned various facets of software development, from programming to team management.

Kay and her husband, Frank, a college professor, have enjoyed many common interests over their long marriage, from flying (Kay has an instrument rating in single-engine aircraft; Frank is a glider pilot) to athletics (they both compete in the Senior Olympics, although only Kay has taken on full marathons) to their faith commitment (they are US representatives for Bridges for Peace, an international Christian organization whose mission is to serve the people of Israel and build relationships between Christians and Jews).

Kay and Frank are retired and live in Memphis, Tennessee. They have one son, Arthur, who resides in Austin, Texas. The Watch on the Fencepost is Kay’s first novel.