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“What would happen if Tom Clancy met Jane Austen? Something like The Watch on the Fencepost! One of the best novels I’ve read this year. Fast-paced, tense, and fun, with moments of laugh-out-loud humor and other moments of poignancy you need a hanky to get through. Kate Frasier and Cece Goldman are my new heroines. This may be the first book Kay DiBianca has written, but I hope it won’t be her last.”  –- Mel Hughes, freelance editor and author

“Riveting. Page turner. Intriguing.” –- Harry Samuels, author of Beshert, True Stories of Connections and Crossroads: Chance or Destiny?

“If you are looking for a book to read and enjoy, this book is for you. But I warn you, you will be staying up late. Be prepared! I hope Kay DiBianca is writing another book. I can’t wait to read it.” — Jan Freeman for Reader Views. (See the full review at 

“Kay DiBianca has written a captivating tale, creating characters who are human and engaging and weaving a truly fascinating mystery. From the gripping prologue to the conclusion of the story, her gift for storytelling keeps the reader eager for the next chapter and loath to set the book aside. Anticipate intricate story twists, realistic life situations, true human emotion, and poignant moments that cause tears to spring to the eyes.” — Dr. Libby Weed, President and Producer, Gilbert & Sullivan Austin, and author of Read and Grow Picture Bible and Bible Handbook: A Guide to Basic Bible Study

“In her book, The Watch on the Fencepost, Kay DiBianca masterfully blends her personal theological, technical, political, and corporate experiences into a mystery full of twists and turns.  The story moves so quickly through the turns that the reader won’t want to put it down knowing there will be yet another twist.”  — David Zanca, author of Engaging Your Team: Lessons For Servant Leadership

“I was hooked on the story while reading the prologue. I really liked the nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the book. I think it would make a good Hallmark mystery movie!” – John Anthony, D. Min, Bridges for Peace, Associate Field Advisor

“If you enjoy mystery and romance, The Watch on the Fencepost is a must read. Kay does a masterful job keeping the reader in suspense in the way she interweaves the characters into puzzling plots.” — Brenda W. Morris, author of Snapshots from the Past: Evidences of God’s Love and Care

“The Watch on the Fencepost is a great first novel for Kay DiBianca. It has all the right elements to be an interesting read, and it left me thinking about it long after I finished. The story took me on a journey with Kate Frasier, and reminded me that life can always bring surprises. But Kate is able to keep her heart open and her perspective clear as she assesses each situation. Because of this, she is able to find the inherent blessings in each turn of fate. This is one take-away we should all adopt.  But…this is also a mystery, and the writing is well-paced, peppered with interesting characters, and loaded with enough detours and misdirection to keep even avid sleuths guessing as the layers of the plot unfold.  Well done!” — Judy Karge, author of A Light in the Dark: Reflections on Proverbs

“Part mystery, part romance, it had enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages until the final twist on the last page.” – Rebecca Brimmer, Jerusalem, Israel

“Kay DiBianca’s The Watch on the Fence Post is an insightful and enjoyable story. Following Kathryn from clue to clue as she unravels the mystery of her parents’ death was a thrill that kept me page-turning until the very end. Throughout the adventure, DiBianca’s story speaks to the greater importance of things like family, honesty, and Judeo-Christian values. Kathryn, a Christian, is aided in her journey by a Jewish family, who share their traditions and open their home in the same way many Jewish friends and colleagues have done for me in my work at the Maccabee Task Force. Whether you’re an avid or casual reader, I highly recommend The Watch on the Fencepost to be next on your reading list.” — Bryan D. Griffin, Esq., National Field Director, The Maccabee Task Force Foundation

The Watch on the Fence Post uses all kinds of various aspects of human life: personal, family, social, religious, political and even romantic, to unveil a mystery of truth.” — Very Rev. James Kibe Karanja, Rector, St. Peter’s Anglican Church

“The Watch on the Fencepost is a fast-paced mystery with well-rounded characters and a plot to keep the readers guessing along the way. Amid the mystery is a sweet story surrounding a family.” — Barbara Curtis, freelance editor and author

“So impressed! Reading The Watch on the Fencepost, I had no idea that this was Kay DiBianca’s first venture into fictional writing. As much as I tried to guess where the story was heading, I was surprised each time, so finally I stopped trying and just enjoyed the story. Well done and polished.” — Chad Holland, CEO, King of Kings Ministries and Senior Pastor, King of Kings Community Jerusalem