An Author’s Prayer



After reading a blog post by Bob Hostetler entitled “A Literary Agent’s Prayer,” it occurred to me to create a similar prayer for myself as an author. Here is is:



Almighty God,

You spoke the universe into being.

You gave humans the gift of language.

You commanded us to write Your words on our very hearts.

Please hear my prayer.


I am Your servant, and I am an author.

Fill me with enthusiasm to write novels that reflect Your glory.

Discipline my heart and mind to Your will.

Give me an abundant desire for excellence.

Help me find patience and endurance to do the hard work of writing.

Guide me to professionals who will help me do my best work.

Strengthen me to overcome my doubts and insecurities.

Remind me to be grateful that I have the time and resources to pursue this dream.

Most of all, fill me with the humility to realize that all I have is from You.

Lord, please hear my prayer.


  • If you have a special prayer and are willing to share it, please add it here.


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